Vädret Timrå

Vädret Timrå

Vädret Timrå

Middle Sweden and Timrå

Salty sea strip and deep forests. Homes with white trim and venerable mansions. The middle of Sweden is the variation from rocky beaches, sandy bays, rocks, active agricultural landscapes, mystical forests and great fishing. Discover nature in the area around unique delta of Indalsälven, while charging batteries in our beautiful rural landscape further inland.

On the peninsula Tynderö have people living from fishing in at least 500 years, but sources from the 1500s tells how Gävle back in the 1500s brought their families, servants, maids, goats and sheep and went out on a several-day long sailed to the area to fish. Herring have always been central to the area’s locals toil, worry and joy and there Tynderös culinary pride – the maker of the “surströmming”, Oskars.

On Åstön you will be near the sea and the long, unbroken stretch of coastline is a rarity and an attraction in itself. The area is now a nature reserve, format to preserve and develop a piece of land with many significant cultural sites and amazing natural beauty. Here you can visit the fishing village of Skeppshamn with canopy and a fisher museum. If the sun is shining, just jump in and enjoy a swim in Oxviken were you will find a lovely sandy beach.

In Ljustorp you will find en area with the deep forests in glorious Lögdö vildmark. It is a vast area of ​​magnificent woodland filled with lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. There are three nature reserves Rigåsen, Fageråsen and Örasjöbäcken. Here is nature, silence and contemplation in focus. Here you can hike, fish in our beautiful rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. In Ljustorp you will also find the area of Mjällådalen, a unique natural area with sandy steep banks and wildlife of the ordinary.

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