Vädret Timrå

Vädret Timrå

Vädret Timrå

Dreamfishing in Timrå

Are you dreaming of exciting salmon fishing, a softly angling for bass or maybe a fight with big pike? You may already when booking choose to fulfill your dream with our package for fishing. You can buy the fishing license with the links below. 

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The fishing package contains 1 spinning rod , a box of traits, fishing maps and a fishing brochure. You rent per day and replacing lost traits and destroyed fishing equipment. You book the package at the same time as you book your accommodation through our online store, from April 31 2015. Further down the page you will find information about different fishing areas in Timrå.

Family Fishing at the pond of Vifstavarv

The Put and take is operated by a local fishing club that focus particular on family fishing. The pond is located in the central of Timrå on the premises of the camping Vivstavarvstjärn. The largest trout caught in the pond was 3.3 kg , so there are great opportunities for good fishing.

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Exiting salmon fishing in Bergeforsen

Bergeforsfisket is known for its fine salmon and sea trout fishing. The salmon begin to rise around midsummer with a peak in July. There has been a rise in salmon fishing in recent years and it is not unusual with salmon around 20 kg. Sea trout fishing is at its best in spring, from the end of April and into May. Fishing in the fall start in mid-September. Popular fishing spot in Delta fishery (zone 3) is Stavre’s curve, there is a lot of fish in the deep hollows. Here they fish mostly with spinning fly, sinker or large heavy spoon to get down to the fish in the deep hollows. It is also possible to rent a boat for those who want to try the so-called harling. It takes place yearly releases of both salmon and sea trout.

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Relaxing forest experience in Lögdö vildmark (wilderness)

Lögdö vildmark is a contiguous area in Ljustorp covering 50,000 hectares of land, 3,500 acres of lakes and ponds and approximately 60 km of streams and creeks. In the many diverse smaller lakes and rivers, there are plenty of trout, char and rainbow trout and the many tributaries beaver has established itself with dams and huts. Pike and perch are the dominant fish component of the larger lakes, which offer exciting fishing. Trout, char, rainbow

There are some 30 lakes and ponds where there are trout, char and rainbow trout. These water lying between 250 and 300 meters above sea level is poor in vegetation and has cold and oxygen-rich water, which makes them appealing for salmonids. In Abborrtjärn, Ropnästjärn, Andersjön, Skälsjötjärn and Stora Åstjärn takes continuous stocking of trout, char and rainbow trout.

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Fishing in meandering rivers

The fishery of Ljustorpsån is a scenic area of ​​both lakes and streams. Most famous is fishing in the 35 km long Ljustorpsån and the unregulated Mjällån. Fish conservation is conducted, including the release of brown trout and rainbow trout in several lakes. The lakes Lake Röjesjön, Aspen and Stavretjärn offers fishing for wild adult northern pike and perch. Here you can fish from a boat. In both rivers Ljustorpsån and Mjällån there have been biotope conservation measures implemented. Ljustorpsåns and Mjällån is known for its good fishing for trout and grayling. It even caught the occasional salmon in summer. Best trout fishing is in the spring when melting water started to subside. Fishing during the late fall can also be good if the water does not freeze.

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Pike fishing

Fishing in the sea

Sport fishing along the coast in Medelpad is free and it requires no fishing license. Fishing can be conducted year round for various species, both from land and boat. Even from the ice, but you have to first ensure that the ice is strong enough and to be careful. Fishing along the coast is whimsical as it is affected by wind, temperature, water level, currents etc. Regarding fishing for salmon is the fishing right reserved to the owners of private water on the coast within 300 meters from the mainland or an island of at least 100 meters in length. Ask if you fell unsecure.

Best fishing for sea trout falls after the ice breaks up and goes on until the water temperature reaches 8-10 degrees Celsius, which most years happens during the later half of April and the whole month of May. The good fishing will start again when the water temperature falls in autumn. Pike and perch are abundant in Tynderö during the summer. Herring can be jigged after the outer coast of Tynderö during May – June. Regarding whitefish and grayling fly-fishing is the most appropriate method. Whitefish are preferable taken from the ice during the late winter.  Fishing for Grayling is usually good during summer and autumn.